The way an audience absorbs content, is constantly evolving. ThinkBox can help you keep up.

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Think Outside the Box

We’ve produced thousands of hours of content in every form. We’ve learned what you can only learn from experience.

There is no formula, no template, and no room for error. There is only understanding the story, understanding the client, and understanding the audience - and thinking outside the box to find an innovative way to bring them all together.

If you don’t know exactly what your content needs to achieve, or who needs to engage with it, how can it ever be good?


Our background isn’t in advertising, it’s in storytelling. For years we felt the pressure of television ratings and honed our skills to know and grow audiences. So, we recognised there was a real gap for the unique perspective we can bring to our clients through content production.

Content is more than just pretty pictures but don’t worry we also have plenty of those.

ThinkBox only ever collaborates with the best. We’ve spent years finding the most creative and clever camera operators, editors, graphic artists, sound technicians, drone operators and animators to put together the right team for the right project.

Content isn’t just about video. Talk to us about how else we can help.

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