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journey to Ukraine

When the Training Works

Media training is almost always super discreet. Chances are the people you see on the telly, or in your social media feed,  have had some form of media training, and probably some help to get their story out there. But they don’t want you to know it. It’s meant to look effortless when you get…

Claremont Verdict

Solidarity On The Steps

Most journalists in Perth, especially those who have been around since the late 90’s, have had some connection to the story of Sarah, Ciara and Jane.  Missing girls, murder investigations, a suspect and then the biggest trial WA has ever seen. So, when we turned up yesterday, we all knew it would be a history…


The ThinkBox Story

Finally, the inevitable has happened…  Sandra and I have given up trying to keep away from each other and officially joined forces. When Sandra and I met more, than 20 years ago, we were a couple of very young, very determined 6PR radio producers. We definitely shared the same drive, sense of humour and work-ethic.…