About Us Some people say they’ve had 20 years’ experience, when in reality they’ve had the same experience for 20 years. That sounds terribly boring.

Sandra Di Girolamo and Melissa Bowen hate boring.

They have spent the past two decades zig-zagging the country, taking up new challenges, setting up new shows, changing up the way things are done and learning everything they possibly can about the media in this country.

They are award-winning, well-respected journalists, producers, and media advisers. Their experience as innovative editorial decision makers provides a rare, and somewhat raw, edge to their consultancy.

They continue to work in the media and so maintain an intimate knowledge of how it works, and an enviable set of industry contacts. As a pair, they are a highly sought-after consulting team.


The team behind ThinkBox Media


Sandra Di Girolamo Media Specialist

She’s the secret weapon behind a number of highly acclaimed television broadcasts, a producer with more than 20 years’ experience.

Melissa Bowen

Melissa Bowen Media Specialist

Melissa is a master media problem solver. She’s on speed dial for clients, agencies and broadcasters looking to find a better way.