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Is a crisis looming? Or maybe you’re just wise enough to know one could hit at any time. This is the insurance policy every organisation needs.

Don’t leave the training for the crisis (you’ll be busy enough). Smart leaders have all the skills, the plan and the team ready to go.

Crisis media training involves a mix of theory and practical exercises, with a focus on best practice for communicating during a crisis and the realistic obstacles. It is highly tailored to a client brief and can also involve simulated crisis scenarios.

This course is popular with Leadership and Comms Teams, Crisis Response Teams and Boards. It is often delivered as an ongoing requirement of Risk Assessment Plans, in specific scenario planning or as the Media element in larger Crisis Management Simulations.

The training is robust, highly practical and designed to leave participants empowered and ready to meet the challenges, particularly in a crisis, with confidence.

In this course you will learn to

  • Understand how the media works and how they will act during a crisis, and how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.
  • Make smart decisions about when to use the media to your advantage
  • Ensure your message is as clear, concise, and consistent as possible, and aligns with your objective
  • Tackle difficult questions and situations, such as hostile, aggressive, irrelevant or biased questioning
  • Apologise proactively or defend positively
  • Reposition yourself to be seen as part of the solution rather than the problem
  • Keep the interview on your terms and take control with calm confidence
  • Improve your presentation to deliver with confidence and credibility when speaking in front of a camera or a microphone under pressure.
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Who is ThinkBox Media?

ThinkBox Media is a rare find. Led by one of the most experienced content producers and media trainers in the country, ThinkBox Media was created to give traditional training a much-needed refresh.

ThinkBox Media operates from Perth, but services clients around the country and overseas. Many of our clients, particularly those requiring Crisis Communication Training, value anonymity and ThinkBox Media has become a trusted advisor. We have recently worked with clients across Mining, Education, Health, Science, Government, Aged Care, Retail, Not for Profit and Technology.

Sandra Di Girolamo is the director of ThinkBox Media. She is an award-winning journalist with extensive and broad experience across television, radio and print. Sandra continues her work in newsrooms around the country, and produces documentaries and podcasts. This ongoing connection ensures her advice always follows current media and corporate trends.

Sandra has established herself as a trusted figure in the industry, and has earned a reputation as a real world, results driven trainer.

ThinkBox Media carefully selects a team to deliver empowering media and communication training sessions, conference keynotes, and content services. We have become an invaluable resource for smart leaders who want to capitalise on communication opportunities.

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