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Meet Sandra Di Girolamo

The secret weapon behind a number of highly acclaimed television broadcasts, has become an invaluable resource for smart leaders who want to capitalise on communication opportunities. Sharpened by more than 20 years working in some of the most robust newsrooms in the country, Sandra has become a highly sought-after content producer and media trainer.


Sandra’s practical training methods stem from her experience in senior editorial positions around Australia. She’s been at the forefront of some the country’s most well-known news programs as Executive Producer, Chief of Staff, Senior Producer and Program Manager. She has played a key role developing and launching two distinct current affairs programs for the Seven Network. Now, with her business based in Western Australia, Sandra continues to work with national television news programs including The Project on Network Ten, Spotlight on Seven Network, and Seven News. She produces long form documentaries for streaming services, free to air broadcast and corporate clients.

Sandra has a reputation as an accomplished and respected Australian media and performance expert. Her extensive client list spans many industries. But her unique ability to translate learnt media and performance expertise, into tailor-made training courses (that actually work), is what gives her the edge.

She’s a straight shooter (swears a little too much), she knows her stuff and frankly isn’t interested in wasting time.
She will deliver a session that is both brutally honest and highly empowering.

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