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Melissa and Sandra are two of the most experienced content producers in Australia. They have the unique skillset of knowing what an audience wants and how to create it – it’s rare inside knowledge gained over decades in the media industry. They know how to make it work because they’ve made it work.

As broadcast producers Melissa and Sandra know how to create content that reaches a mass audience – they’ve been doing it for years. Knowing how to truly connect with an audience can only be learned through real world experiences. Reaching deadlines and creating the right headlines are key in this business, Melissa and Sandra can do both, they have the track record to prove it.

Phil Goyen

Executive Producer of 7news.com.au

Having dealt with Sandra Di Girolamo for many years I was aware of the sharp news sense and innate story-telling ability that has made her one of Australia’s leading journalist-producers. So when it came to turning clients of The PR Collaborative into awesome media talent, I knew Sandra was the secret weapon we needed. Her understanding of what it takes to be topical and relevant, combined with practical tips and techniques for achieving messaging cut-through has given our clients from a variety of business and non-profit organisations a real media edge. 

Carla Shearman

Managing Director - PR Collaborative

We all really enjoyed the session and felt very energised coming out of it. I think you managed to turn a bunch of scaredy-cats into spokespeople.

We look forward to getting the call up to be on the Sunrise couch soon .

Media Trainee

There is no corporate duo in Perth with a better understanding of television, news and production standards than Sandra and Melissa.

Sandra is one of Australia’s most experienced television producers who has helped 7NEWS develop new programmes and documentaries like Flashpoint. She is a talent whisperer who can visualise concepts and ideas like no other person I’ve worked with, and deliver them to global standards.

Melissa is meticulous with detail, organisation and concepts. She can foresee a project from development of ideas, to the final delivery. She is thorough, demanding and delivers on every occasion.

Combined they are no nonsense, roll your sleeves up, and get on with the job, kind of producers who will be unstoppable.

Ray Kuka

News Director- Seven Perth

Who is ThinkBox?

Some people say they’ve had 20 years’ experience, when in reality they’ve had the same experience for 20 years. That sounds terribly boring. Sandra Di Girolamo and Melissa Bowen hate boring.