Everything is Awesome…when you know what you’re doing.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The ones that build Lego models by following the instructions. They carefully count the rows, and check the height levels. They make sure every detail, including the brick colour, is followed perfectly by flicking through the supplied manual one page at a time. These people usually leave their perfectly formed masterpieces intact and on display – looking longingly at how well they followed instructions.

Then there’s the ones who take out the Lego bricks, glance at the picture on the box,  mix all the pieces that were separated into individual plastic bags, and let their imagination guide their next move (I can see a sequel to The Queen’s Gambit where Lego pieces float around on the ceiling in place of chess pieces).

These people build a fort using their curiosity, experience and some clever engineering techniques. They place a green block where a blue block belongs, just because it’s eye catching. They don’t follow a pattern, and there is no template. But, once they’ve tinkered and finally step back to admire their work, they can tell a wonderful story in their construction.

Note:  both types leave random pieces of the Lego strategically placed on the floor ready to be trampled on with bare feet in the dark.

Creating content, whether it’s for marketing or for entertainment, is like building Lego. Sure there are apps and websites and a whole bunch of people following the instructions and building a perfectly good Lego City. Then there’s the people who have spent so many years working with the little bricks, they no longer rely on the instructions. They take the rules, shake them up, instinctively know what might work better, get the most out of all the elements, and create something with a unique story.

Which kind do you want to work with?

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