I love my job

Did I mention how much I love my job? I don’t know how many other jobs allow you into peoples’ lives the way mine does. When you’re producing for TV (whether it’s news, current affairs or a documentary) you’re welcomed into a complete stranger’s life. You’re suddenly plunged into their home and into their family –  warts and all. They share personal details about themselves with you, details that in any other circumstance they’d never share with a stranger.

The significance of these moments is never lost on me. I am very aware that for me, it’s a normal day in the office to be asking questions with lights, microphones and a camera operator by my side. But for them, I’m there because something significant has happened (or about to happen) in their life. The presence of the camera crew ensures this a day they’ll be telling their friends and family about for years.

After more than two decades interviewing people, and posing some questions that are really hard to ask (and sometimes really hard to answer) I still  get the biggest kick out of helping people tell their stories.

If you’re reading this and you know me, you’ll know how much I love hearing and telling stories. I’m not interested in gossip, but I love hearing about real stories from the people who have lived them.

If you’re reading this and you’ve worked with me, especially if  you’ve been on the road with me, you know how much stock I put into allowing people to tell their own stories in their own words. Everybody tells their story so differently, and that’s the beauty of listening carefully.

If you’re reading this and you’re my husband, I’m sorry. For so many things, but in this instance, for all the times I bore you with the ins and outs of every story every day because I’m so excited about being able to tell it.

I’m writing this because lately I’ve had the opportunity to meet some beautiful families through my work. Some stories have been heartbreaking, and some have been inspiring.  They’ve affected me. If you’re reading this, you probably know who you are. Thank you. It was never my story to tell, it was yours. I’m so glad I was the person who helped you get it out there.

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She’s the secret weapon behind a number of highly acclaimed television broadcasts, a producer with more than 20 years’ experience.

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