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After a ThinkBox training session you’ll be eagerly awaiting your next opportunity rather than dreading it.

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Perfect for anyone crossing paths with the media.

Popular with CEOs, Executives, Department Heads, Company  Spokespeople and Not For Profits.

It’s our most popular training module, and clients come out the other end wanting to be part of the media conversation, rather than dreading the phone call from a journalist.

Government and businesses have included this training as part of their Risk Management Practice and it’s the jewel in the crown of any strong Crisis Communications Plan (under Non-Disclosure Agreements of course!).

This course will help build your brand with every opportunity and avoid disaster in those not so awesome times.

Before the session we will spend time getting to know your business and what you want to achieve. The course outline will be developed to address your specific concerns and scenarios.

You wouldn’t walk into a meeting without preparing, so don’t walk into an interview and try to wing it. Whether its TV, radio, print or online, you need to get it right and this course is the ace up your sleeve.

Perfect for Researchers, Doctors, Academics, Educators, and Scientists.

Hands up who has an amazing story?

We know you do, but what a waste if you can’t get a broader audience to understand what you’re telling them, and why they should care.

If someone in your field is regularly approached for comment it’s probably not because they’re the only source or the highest source. Their advantage is the ability to communicate what they know to different audiences.

We all know media interviews can lead to better branding, funding and collaboration opportunities (not to mention getting some really great info out there!)  – so why not learn to be good at them?

Whether it’s TV, radio, print or online, there is a trick to communicating incredibly complex issues in a way people can understand and relate to, without dumbing down the content.

This industry-tailored course is so much more than a handful of handy media tips, it’s a must do for academics communicating with traditional and modern media.

Crisis Communication Training isn’t a luxury. It’s absolutely essential for any business, organisation or individual with something to lose. ThinkBox’s Crisis Communication Training is tough, real-world, scenario specific and highly practical.

We spent years on the other side covering crises. We’ve seen it done really well and really badly and our extensive broadcast experience allows us to predict how your issue will play out in the media.

As a result, ThinkBox’s Crisis Communication Training is a popular feature in many risk assessment plans (under confidentiality arrangements). We are also often engaged help manage client’s media response through the tough times.

Be ready to diffuse or take control of any difficult, damaging or even disastrous situation. In a crisis, every minute counts.

Perfect for Elite Athletes, Sport Industry Executives, Coaches and Rookies.

Like it or not Sport and Media are now intrinsically linked. Good media skills are no longer a luxury for sportspeople, they’re essential.  So how do improve your performance? YOU TRAIN…. With a specialised sports media expert.

Those who get it right can exert some control over their reputation, add value to their club, raise the profile of their sport and pave the way for post-career opportunities.

Sport throws up incredible and unpredictable stories, and social media plays a massive role. As a result, even young or little-known players can suddenly find themselves thrust into unchartered media frenzy territory.

Brand is what separates those athletes you ‘used to know’ from the ones who are relevant long after their last match. Regardless of the sport, athletes have a relatively short time, yet golden opportunity, to make it work.

Sports Media Training will boost your profile, give you tools for the kinds of interviews you will face, and teach how to handle the tricky stuff; skills any athlete can use, even when they’re no longer athlete-ing…

Perfect for Lawyers, Legal Spokespeople, Defendants and Victims.

The media love a good crime story, and their thirst for legal matters and court cases has never been bigger (thank you Netflix). It makes sense to have a media specialist in your corner.

We can’t do anything about what happens inside the courtroom or inside that Royal Commission hearing (we have Arts degrees!), but we can help you influence what happens outside.

There is a trick to talking about complex legal matters, in a simple and relatable way. There are tips which, when they become second nature, will help you to manoeuvre a story in the right direction for you. This course will help you make the most of every media opportunity, even when you walk out of court secretly crossing your fingers the media pack has broken for lunch (PS This never happens).

Whether it’s speaking for your client, giving victims a voice, repairing reputational damage or establishing yourself as an expert in the field - Media Training is a must.

Perfect for Professionals.

Remember that guy in that presentation who stood there reading his notes, shaking a little, barely looking up, while people in the room fiddled with their phones, counted the tiles on the wall behind him, and hoped the pain would all be over soon? Don’t be that guy.

We get it, talking to a group of people doesn’t come easy for everyone. Having the most interesting thing to say doesn’t necessarily help you say it.

But there is a cheat’s guide, that will see you standing there with confidence and have your audience listening to every word.

The feedback we have from this course, is that it’s insanely useful for life outside of work as well. It equips you with skills to use when communicating more generally.

The most popular format for this course is as a group, but it can also be delivered individually.

Perfect for… well, everyone.

You don’t need to be the most important person in the room to be the most interesting, persuasive person at the table.

Have you ever walked out of a big meeting wishing for another shot at it?

For most people, successful communication is not about performing in the media, it’s about consistently taking control in those critical conversations.

From colleague meetings to client negotiations, even unexpected chats with the boss-  master the simple tricks that will have you ready to put your best foot forward.

Learn how to pick your points, pick your moments and deliver with confidence, clarity and impact.

We’ll teach you how to handle the loud mouths, the tough questions and someone stealing your thunder.

Walk out of your next big meeting feeling 10 feet tall


Strategic Media Training can teach you how to make the most of every opportunity, win support, cement yourself as go-to talent and bring a crisis under control.

We’ll help with the words, the tone, the delivery, the body language and all the insider tips on how to take advantage of every interview - even the scary ones. 


We have specific courses for specific industries, and trainings are customised to individual participants and groups.

Our Communication Training courses can help you deliver perfect presentations and take control of those critical conversations.

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Go on… it’s fun, we promise!