The ThinkBox Story

Finally, the inevitable has happened…  Sandra and I have given up trying to keep away from each other and officially joined forces.

When Sandra and I met more, than 20 years ago, we were a couple of very young, very determined 6PR radio producers. We definitely shared the same drive, sense of humour and work-ethic. My husband describes us as “equally bossy”.

Here we are at a Channel Seven Perth Christmas Party several years later looking pretty happy and young!

I had just moved to Melbourne as a Producer for Today Tonight. Sandra would soon join me on the East Coast where she joined Sunday Night as the Chief of Staff. 

It was probably then, more than 10 years ago, over lots of late nights and red wines, we started talking about the idea of doing something together. At that point, we were both firmly entrenched in exciting TV careers but it seemed like a good idea to have a plan for the future, something for when we were old!

A lot has changed since then but the idea has persisted and developed.

We’re still in the media, have both found our way home to Perth and also each grown our own successful media businesses. As the client list grew there was one person I always pulled in to work with. Hello Sandra! She did the same with me.  It just made it even more clear, that teaming up was a no-brainer.

It would have happened sooner but we kept taking new individual opportunities, and frankly having more babies.

But what would the business look like? We never wanted to do everything, we wanted to stick to what we do best and what we do differently. We know our skills complement each other. We love working with PR, Marketing and Advertising agencies but we don’t do what they do …. what we know inside out is Media Training, Content Production and Broadcast Services.

So now that we’re officially old, meet our newest (and last!) baby ThinkBox Media.

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Melissa is a master media problem solver. She’s on speed dial for clients, agencies and broadcasters looking to find a better way.

What sets us apart?

Why train with ThinkBox?

At ThinkBox Media we believe in Strategic Customised Training. This means your training will be developed specifically for you; your industry, your concerns, your real scenarios.
A mining executive is not likely to face the exact same issues as a doctor, a government minister or a not-for-profit organisation. One Size fits all trainings do not work.

Some people need a lot of time to improve their performance, others get stuck on the messaging. Many bigger companies already have some bases covered by their own comms teams freeing up more time to focus on the practical skills.

Often a one-on-one training in required, other times small or larger groups may provide a more cost effective option for a team.
We know you’re results driven and so are we!

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